Spread and Swap


Symbol Stan.spread* Min.spread* Max.spread* Contract Size Swap Short* Swap Long*
EUR/USD1817211 000 EUR0.0102-0.0385
GBP/USD2018261 000 GBP0.000825-0.006375
USD/JPY1817221 000 USD-0.0170.00405
USD/CHF2019251 000 USD-0.0443750.01155
AUD/USD2018241 000 AUD-0.0015-0.0015
USD/CAD2019241 000 USD-0.006750.000375
EUR/CAD2219271 000 EUR0.00975-0.03725
EUR/TRY2562222891 000 EUR0.0738-0.493625
USD/TRY1611501751 000 USD0.036-0.39125
XAU/USD5540901 Troy oz.0.000416-0.0322245
XAG/USD55457050 Troy oz.-0.00135-0.026325
NZD/USD2722351 000 NZD0.001575-0.005875
EUR/JPY2722351 000 EUR0.005325-0.019625
GBP/JPY2420291 000 GBP-0.0156250.004275
AUD/JPY1916231 000 AUD-0.0143750.0036
GBP/CHF2622311 000 GBP-0.0511250.0144
EUR/AUD2016261 000 EUR0.0111-0.043
EUR/CHF2117261 000 EUR-0.0140.003525
EUR/GBP2219261 000 EUR0.009375-0.03325
AUD/CAD2219261 000 AUD-0.0048750.00045

* The Company has the right to make changes to the swaps without providing prior notification to the client. In order to get information on real-time swaps in force, a client should contact the Company. Three-day swap on Wednesdays. Depending on the market situation, the spread may be greater than indicated in the table.